Cloud Code only available on On-premise installation or Enterprise version.

DbFace allows you creating your own API by PHP for public access. DbFace use CodeIgniter Framework to provide a flexible PHP development environment.

Create or edit Cloud code#

  • Sign in DbFace with Administrator or Developer account
  • Tap "Settings" -> "Cloud Code"

You will see all available cloud code you already created in the selected database connection.

Cloud code list page

Tap the "Create API Code" button to create a new API code.

Cloud code list page

  • API Name: this will be the Public URL for accessing the cloud
  • Disabled: if you want disable the public URL temporarily, you can check the "Disable" checkbox
  • Open: open the cloud code in debug mode
  • Save Changes: after editing the cloud code, do not forget click "Save Changes" button to save the cloud code

Access Cloud Code#

You will find the cloud code public URL in the list page.

Get Cloud code public URL